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EH-DK is an integrated cleaning, laundry and transportation company based in Copenhagen Airport. Though EH-DK first and foremost mission is to become the first handling choice in Scandinavia, based on our high service quality, competitive prices and the assurance that EH-DK always delivers the same product.

EH-DK’s core competence is interior aircraft cleaning. Our reputable high quality and on time services have been trusted by airlines such as British Airways, Cathay pacific, Danish Air transport, Delta Airlines, Finn Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Sichuan Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Transavia, Türkish Airlines, with many more...

Aircraft Cleaning

This is our core competence and we are well known by our clients to deliver the best service quality where the finished result is the same every time. This is a great insurance for our clients, as they trust the product we deliver and they trust the good cooperation we have with them. Every client has different needs, and that is why we strive to deliver customized services to every individual client and make sure they get the same good quality service every time.

COVID-19 cleaning 

It is important to us that our clients feel safe with the service product we deliver. Henceforth, we have implemented COVID-19 cleaning services that are in cooperation with what the National Board of Health in Denmark is recommending.

VIP Handling

EH-DK also offers VIP Handling for any type of aircraft from single-engine aircraft and helicopters to large aircraft. For clients who prefer privacy and efficiency and are governed by time-sensitive schedules. Our VIP services lives up to our clients high standards and quality. Our team can offer you a comprehensive array of support services to take care of all your needs 24/7. As well as ensuring a VIP service each and every time.

Laundry Services

Our handling company opened a new branch in 2020 that does airline laundry. We have invested in airline specific washing, drying, folding and packing machines whilst the whole production contains our current security status.  The reasoning for this has been to simplify the process for the airlines with just one handling provider, instead of subcontracting. Our prices for the laundry services are very competitive which has resulted in more airlines signing contracts with us. 


Career Opportunities

Please note that all applicants must comply with the following skills:

– Minimum 18 years old
– Have a driver’s license
– Speak Danish and English fluently

You are welcome to fill out the fomular or contact us by our HR e-mail: